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Why venomous

Many times do we recieve questions like why venomous ?
Venomous snakes are kept for many reasons, though in fact there are only a few reasons acceptable for being a responsible hobbyist. There are many incredible non-venomous species with amazing coloration, still people get attracted by venomous animals. Why should someone buy a animal with potential of killing you ? Why risk the dangers of a bite or escape ? From the acceptable reasons it should be a priority that a specific species draws the attention of the hobbyist for it being a beautifull animal, interesting behaviour or because it earned a special status and definedly not for that matter of it being a dangerous animal.
The keeping of venomous snakes should never be used for getting a adrenaline rush or being powerfull because you ''feel'' like you're in control of a human/animal bond.
For us personally venomous snakes are more than a special hobby but the animals aswel toxinology taken our interest to a different level of caring for these incredibly fascinating reptiles. Starting with a venomous snake without proper experience is a VERY BAD Idea and one should really consider to spend a lot of time in doing descent research in care taking, building up experience under supervision of a mentor.
Within the hobby there is so much to learn and scientifically so much to investigate when it comes to behaviour and effects of toxin and their healing factors combined with the study progressing in making better anti-venom for the people living in their home countries.All combined there are quite a few reasons why people choose to enter the world of venomous snake keeping.
In the past 10 years there have been quite a growth of numbers of new hobbyists who started to show interest in this hobby. 
We will add more information about the way of teaching and the importance of a responsible descission in a different chapter. Due to the currently world wide availabillity of venomous snakes its utmost important to show a good example of how this should be going and be watchful for animal welfare instead of breeding snakes for a easy delivery of you wage.


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