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venomous snakehandling

Price: 40,00 
Customers who are willing to follow lessons in handling venomous snakes
will need to agree on starting blanc as we will train you handling in a responsible way which
can only be done under very tight conditions to prevent any chance of being bitten.
basically it means ( either you accept our rules, or you can't take lessons )
Taking part of a venomous handling course does not give you a free pass
to keep or take care of venomous snakes in captivity but is ment to learn the right techniques of responsible handlin
Methods are planned based on the students experience which we will put to the test at the introduction ( 1st day ).
Certificates are only available after succesfully passing practical experience
which depends on the progression of the student.
single lessons can be bought with the above mentioned agreement.

Payments can be simply done by online banking, you will recieve the payment details after the reservation.
Single lessons can be payed online or cash before the lesson starts.
A certificate is a reward for what you had accomplished during the lessons of responsible venomous snake handling.

( max. 2 hours a day )

Single Workshop  Enter the world of Venomous 50,00 €
Enter the world of venomous is a single 2 hours workshop in which you get information on venomous snakes
caretaking, toxinology,behaviour and species differences.

interested in taking lessons ?

send a email to
please describe why you want to learn handing venomous snakes


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