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Responsible with venomous has started at the early 2022 creating a smaller community for hobbyists involved in the venomous reptile husbandry. During the first months we started a group on facebook including a youtube channel from which we released a special series of short video's about handling techniques which were officially ment for professional workers. We found out that there was much interest in the way we explained the safety aspects and therefor its most important to teach people the right way. since October 10th 2023 we officially started the company RWV.

I am Torben Touwslager a private collector and venomous snake specialist with almost two decades of experience with Elapidae, Crotalidae and Viperinae. Formal Administrator of SDN and certified supervisor. Due to the many available video’s on the internet we decided to give the public a different view on our beloved hobby. Yes, people like danger, people like to see a nasty bite and most do not show interest when it's the boring reality. Even though we like too teach people how its done safely. Also do we educate authorities for exceptional situations.

I am Tino Insing and I was trained personally by Torben. 
I've done Animal Managment and I'm certifited for keeping and working with serpents, in the Netherlands called herp certificate. Also I've got a certificate as practical supervisor.

Former volunteer for SDN. There I took care for al the reptiles including the large constictors and venomous snakes.

I was ambassador of Zone.College in 2023.

As due to the many videos on youtube of freehandling and irresponsible handling, it was time to educate and teach others the same way as Torben thaught me.





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