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We would like to announce a new partnership with Terrafile as we spoke about a very important goal to get legislation for venomous animals off the ground. We do believe it should be possible to keep specific venomous animals with a guideline prior to safety, knowledge and practical experience. However we see a major growth in private collectors of venomous snakes. Social media pages like youtube are easy platforms for public audience to get involved in this hobby by seeing others doing it. The truth is, NO video is good enough to teach you how to prepare yourself on every safety aspect from the escape proof rooms to adequate respond on the animals behaviour. Its a process which takes time and people without proper experience shouldn't be allowed to "just buy" a potential lethal animal. As the numbers grow, so do the accidents and that's a very bad press for the community. That's also a reason to put our heads together for the longlivity of our beloved hobby and show the public it can be done responsibly. Along with a few other parties I will mention later on, we have one task in mind and that's protecting the hobby from being banned but also educate people the right way in being a responsible keeper.

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