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Shelter & Day care

Because venomous snakes deserve the same treatment as all animals

Its almost that time of the year, you want to book your holidays but there's nobody who is willing to take care of your venomous snakes ? We offer holiday care and day care for venomous snakes to make sure your animals stay healthy and in good condition so you can leave without having stress about your beloved snakes.

Altough venomous snakes don't need 24/7 care in normal situations still offering clean fresh water daily, environmental cleaning, feeding and close observation can be benefitial for a good health.

why choose for our company ?

We are a team of well experienced care takers and do find it important that exotic animals deserve as much care as for example a dog or a cat. We have experience with many venomous snake species making it possible to forfill their needs, early recogdnition of diseases and health issues and basic medical experience for wounds, blisters and common conditions as mites, stress related issues and RI treatments.

Unfortunetly its very hard to find a shelter willing to take the responsibillity of caring for potential dangerous animals.

A few reptile shelters do however offer limited space for venomous animals but aren't waiting for it as its not a common happening.

Offering day care or holiday care isn't without risks therefor pricing can be a little bit higher then you would expect from a common reptile shelter. If you are looking for shelter for a few venomous animals or other reptillians please visit Stichting dierenhulpdienst Nederland

Note: We do only offer care for venomous snakes

Price: 5,00  

Pricing is based on one day, one venomous snake.

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