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About regulation/law

Untill this day the Netherlands has NO special regulations according to venomous animals therefor basically everyone is able to buy a potential lethal animal just as simple as from Marketplace and other socialmedia websites as long as you can remember a few lines of google, easy does it. But should it be that simple ?

We are absolutely against total restriction because of the danger people won't show transperancy no more keeping dangerous snakes secretive not to mention what rampage that can cause. On the other hand we DO feel that creating regulations is nessesary to safe the venomous snake hobby from Idiocracy and ignorant people who treat their animals like weapons and have no further interestest in the animals health and whatsoever. Along the way we will try to explain every aspect in this hobby hopefully getting more attention towards a new regulation system from which point people have a chance to grow towards their goals without a negative daylight added to it. We do believe keeping venomous snakes for example can be done safely without endangering third party's and the owner itselves by just following the basic rules ( also explained during the courses ). We do feel that is nessesary to have some sort of regulation system with the basic requirements before being able to purchase a venomous animal. Basics include having a seperated snakeroom fully secured, having the right protocols at hand, 2 qualified people available at the time you work with the animals and offcourse transperancy towards your doctor and the nearest  hospital in case of a emergency. also would you need a veterinay degree or at least to be connected to a Vet who could sign that he/she will take the responsibillity to care for your Ill specimen whenever is needed. minimal age of 21 years old and having a certificate for handling venomous snakes.

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